Monsieur Robert HENDERSON

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Domicilié à Marseillan (34340, France)
Né à Dumfries (Grande Bretagne) le jeudi 9 juillet 1953
Décédé à Agde (34300, France) le vendredi 28 octobre 2022 à l'âge de 69 ans
Epoux de Madame Shirley HENDERSON

Espace « condoléances » 

Cet espace condoléances a été créé le lundi 31 octobre 2022.

In memoriam

Cet espace « condoléances » est dédié à la mémoire de Monsieur Robert HENDERSON. Chacun peut s’y recueillir, déposer une carte de visite ou un message de condoléances. Utilisez les liens ci-dessous pour consulter les marques de sympathie ou intervenir vous-même. 
N’hésitez pas à renseigner cette page à vos connaissances. Ceux qui sont loin ou qui n’ont pas la possibilité de se joindre à la cérémonie trouveront ici une façon simple de montrer leurs sentiments à la famille dans ce moment difficile. 
Merci d’avance. 

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For someone who avoided an abundance of social contact he passed with an enviable array of true friends …because he was exactly who he chose to be.
It takes a village to raise a child and your influence to be who you are without prejudice has been such a blessing to Jessica.
So thank you Robert ! And say hi to Zara and Zoe from us x

Robert , Soraya and Jessica Gorman- 05-11-22


Borrowed from Burns
“He was what the men of the world, if they knew such a man, would call a whimsical mortal, he had various sources of pleasure and enjoyment, which are, in a manner, peculiar to him, or some here and there such out - off - the way person.”
Memoranda 1784

Campbell will be sorely missed x

Velma & Alister Henderson- 03-11-22


Recevez Shirley toutes nos condoléances et notre amitié dans ces moments douloureux . Pensez que l'on peut vous aider pour le chien ou autres problèmes , n'hésitez pas à faire appel à nous !
Il est très beau Robert sur cette photo ! Daniel et Dany

Daniel et Danielle RAUSSIN- 02-11-22


Rest in Peace my dear friend. I don't have your skills with words but you had a major influence in how I turned out as a person. We discovered music together growing up and each time I listen to rock music I think of you. To Shirley, I am so sorry for your loss; heartfelt condolences.

Michael Dewar- 01-11-22


It’s with deep sadness we received the news that Robert has left this earthly life! We would like to forward our condolences to Shirley and Zaïna! Our hearts are with you!

We will forever remember the colourful footprints he made in our life! Roberts wonderful energy while talking about all kind of art. His glimmering eyes so full of ideas and his willingness to include everyone in his projects! His kindness to help whenever he could! - what would the yoga pavilion project been without his artistic posters. His inspiration and way to open our eyes - to see beyond, to dear without fear, just do. His reminder to creat and demolish, in a circle of life! Robert was creativity at its ultimate form. He was alway encouraging and passing on positive feedback! There will be less colours in the world without him!

With deepest love from Bengt & Torhild

Torhild Zetterstrom- 31-10-22

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